Loophead Origin Stories

A collection of origin stories for the Loopheads characters.


#267 : Mehgg

Loophead #267

Mehgg woke up feeling refreshed and glared out of the window of her personal living capsule. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside and she could see birds playing with each other, jumping from limb to limb.

She opened the window and a cool breeze flew in, joined by birds whistling melodies for anyone who would listen. "Eggs, toast, and some crispy bacon with a nice joint sounds perfect." Her tummy began grumbling.

Mehgg opens the fridge and is caught off-guard when reaching for the eggs. It's too light, there are none left. Disappointed, she continued searching for the bacon, but only found a package of empty dreams.

She pops two pieces of toast into the toaster oven and sighs knowing she won't get to treat her taste buds; at least she can still treat her brain. Mehgg grabs her box of rolling stuff and sits by the window.

She begins pinching ganja into the paper and it's clear there is barely enough for even one joint, but she can make it work. Suddenly, a strong breeze comes through the window as she drops in the last pinch.

The paper acted like a sail, and catapulted cannabis into the air and circulated it through the room. Grasping desperately at the air to catch even a small morsel, she tripped over her bed and fell to the ground.

When she sat up, the smell of burning toast permiated the air. Mehgg had never experienced such bullshit before.

#610 : Kwee-Z

Loophead #610

I remember sitting at an all night diner. It was late and the city was quiet, but this place has all the pancakes you want for only 1 LRC. The Waitron beeped and borped, then slid a fat stack of flapjacks my way.

There's a roar of glass on wood as the Waitron slides a jar toward me. Time itself ceased to exist as I gazed upon the gleaming vat of golden maple syrup. I remember salivating over the intoxicating aroma.

The glass was warm to the touch as I reached for it in delight. Flowing like molasses, the stack was engulfed in the viscous, sticky madness. Truly the nectar of the Gods. My stomach began rumbling with anticipation.

As I stuffed my face, I became overwhelmed by a sense of euphoria. I was glowing on the inside and out as I indulged in my primal desires. I felt myself spiraling out of control, and was blind to what came next.

As I dove deeper into the abyss, an urgent, chaotic bellowing began in the deepest pit of my bowels. My mouth was stuffed, and I knocked over my plate then leapt out of my seat. Suddenly, I could not breathe.

My gasping went unnoticed as the Waitron offered to top off my coffee. I passed out and hit my head on the counter. The last thing I remember as my world faded to black was the queasy feeling in my stomach.